On Bars and Restaurants

When you think about restaurants, how many of the examples that come to mind are national chains? ¬†Although many of us have our favorite local place, it seems that the space is crowded, not just with fast food, but with “fast casual” and upscale versions of this “clone culture.”

Now, repeat the exercise with bars – the places we go for an “adult drink of our choice” or perhaps to listen to some music, rather than for the food. ¬†Sure, there are some recognized national chains, but for as long as I can remember caring, most of the places my friends and family went for this sort of thing were essentially local.

Which raises the question, “why the difference?”

I have a few thoughts but nothing well formed, so if you have ideas, please share them in the comments.

2 thoughts on “On Bars and Restaurants”

  1. I wonder if it is just that a bar can be a profitable business much more easily, so doesn’t need the infrastructure and mass purchasing power of national chains to survive.

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