Time Keeps on SIPping

My original estimate was that I could do two SIPs per day, which would mean that I could complete the approximately 43.5 SIPs between their scheduled delivery on Apr 3 and May 6.  I thought it would be interesting to graph my progress toward the goal to see how the estimates compared to the reality.

Unfortunately as already mentioned, I was still working on redoing the floor until Apr 14.  That put me about 10 calendar days behind.  The first SIPs, however, started to go up faster than I had predicted. In late April and early May there were a number of weather-related delays.  Following this, there was a long pause up to May 24th where I was getting structural walls, joists, and flooring in place in order to have the platform to build the second story.  Between May 24 and Jun 5, the second story SIPs went into place.  I completed the SIPs just before I began my new job.

In the updated version of this chart, you can see that my rate estimate wasn’t too far off, but basically failed to account for the work building the platforms for both the first and second stories.

Final SIP Progress Chart through Jun 7
SIP Progress Chart through Jun 7 – All Done

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